Small Storm Tray in beech wood made in Japan by 24d-studio
CNC milled Small Storm Tray in solid beech wood made by 24d-studio
Small Storm Tray in beech wood is perfect for holding small objects and accessories
Small Storm Tray as fruits display system made from beech wood
Storm Tray is carved from solid beech wood is perfect as vegetable platter solution
undulating landscape in beech wood small Storm Tray made by 24d-studio
Small and Large Storm trays in beech wood can be tiled with each other.
Storm Tray in beech wood comes in two sizes large and small and could be tiled infinitely to create a wavy landscape

Small Tray in Beech Wood | Storm S

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Storm Tray unique design is inspired by land and seascapes of Japan. Unique wood grain of each tray creates a natural and individual expression, meaning no two trays are alike.

Storm Material

Beech with Water-Resistant Polyurethane Finish, 100% Solid Wood Hand Finished and Food Safe

Storm Size

Width: 24cm / 9.5"
Depth: 24cm / 9.5"
Height: 3.6cm / 1.42"

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