Wood Products

1. How to wash wood boards and trays?

To clean the board, rinse it with water and soap; towel dry as soon as possible. Do not soak the board in water, soaking wood boards in water will mostly likely warp them and discolor wood. Wood has a porous structure and when water gets inside the pores it changes density of the wood therefore warping results.

Never wash your wood products in the dishwasher. Our boards and trays are made from one piece of timber and unlikely would split, but the dishwashing process will certainly warp and prematurely dry the wood.

2. Why is the wood board and tray become fuzzy after being wet?

Natural wood fibers will rise up when in contact with water. We finish our wood boards and trays to a very fine finish that they won’t fuzz up a lot. However if over time your board became a little rough and you want the board to become smooth again, you just need a sand paper. Use finer grain sand paper starting at 240 and above. To start, the board should be dry. Sand lightly with the grain direction at first. Wipe your board with wet cloth and wait for it to dry. After the board is dry, sand it very lightly with 320 grit paper or above with the slight angle 10-20 degrees to the wood grain direction. This step will eliminate wood fuzz.

3. What is the finishing on the boards and trays?

We have developed our own Loops Wood Butter that we make ourselves. This wood coating is made with plant extracted organic oil and honeybees wax. This wood butter is 100% organic and food safe.

The oil soaks into the wood and acts as a moisturizer preventing the wood against warping. Honeybees wax provides protection against water and slows down water penetration into the wood. You can see that after applying wood butter onto your wood products water will remain in the shape of a water drop on the surface of the wood.

It is fine to use mineral oil to moisturize the wood, but we would advise against using vegetable oils as the wood board would become rancid smelling over time.

4. How often to apply wood butter?

It depends on your usage of the wood products. If you see that your board or tray starting to warp and look dry, it is a good time to apply wood butter or oil. Applying wood butter or oil to your wood products once a month is also a good schedule.

5. How to apply Loops Wood Butter?

Clean your wood product with soap and water and dry it. Use lint free cloth or paper tower, grab a small amount of Loops Wood Butter and start rubbing it with the wood grain along the whole area of the board. Leave it for a few hours to soak in, and then rub off the remaining wood butter. Buff dry your board and it is ready to be used.

6. Does cutting food on the board damages it?

The board will become marked with knife scratches. The usage of the board adds character to it; please do not feel regrets for using it. We suggest using one side for cutting and leaving the other side of the board for serving or display.

Some foods might stain your board. Foods with strong color like red meat, beats, and strawberries might leave marks on the wood as their juice penetrates into the wood. Applying wood butter that has wax in it will slow down board’s staining.

7. How long will my wood board and tray last for?

If looked after, wood products last a very long time and could be passed on to further generation in time. We use solid wood only to create our boards and trays and this fact minimizes the chance of the board splitting. However as wood is a living material it is hard to predict if the board might split in the future. If this happens, please contact us at info@24d-studio.com and we will repair it for you or send you a replacement.

Please email us at info@24d-studio.com if you have further questions. We would be happy to help you.


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