Orbit Hangers

1. How to install Orbit Hangers?

Every Orbit Hanger comes with mounting hardware attached, only wall mounted screws are required for installation. Orbit Hanger Small requires a single screw for hanging. Orbit Hanger Medium and Large require two screws for installation. In order to support the weight of hanged things, the hanger should be installed into a solid wall material.

2. Installation Instruction for Wood Construction

If installation takes place in a wood construction, find a wood stud (studs are vertical beams that frame the house) with the stud finder. Studs are generally spaced between 16”-24” or 40cm-60cm on stud’s center. If you have no stud finder it is possible to find a stud without it. Measure in 16” increments from the corner of the room, this method is not always accurate as some rooms are not built in numbers divisible by 16”.

Scan the room for electrical outlets and light switches, most likely they are attached to a stud.

Use a special screw for drywall construction that can be found in your local hardware store.

3. Installation instructions for other types of wall construction.

The most important advice to remember is to pick the right type of screw for your wall construction. The right type of screw will ease the installation process and secure a hanger in a place for a long functional life.

4. How to care for Orbit Hangers?

Please refer to Care for Wood Products page for detailed instructions.

To brighten the wood appearance over time, coat the wood with beeswax and oil mix. We recommend using our organic Loops Wood Butter to maintain various wood products. Loops Wood Butter is made with plant extracted oil and natural honeybees wax.


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