Airy Lighting

1. What is Airy Lighting Shade made of?

All Airy Shades are made with laminated rice paper. Rice paper is protected inside the lamination that makes Airy Shades very durable, fire resistant and washable.

2. I accidentally ripped the panel what do I do?

Accidents happen, send us a damaged panel and we will send you a replacement for free. We would need to receive a damaged panel from you so we know which one needs to be replaced. Please do not forget to supply your name and address. You can get our address from the Contact page or email us at for instructions.

3. Can I get a material sample?

Email us at with your name and address and we will send you a sample of the Airy material shade.

4. How Airy Lights are shipped?

All Airy Lights are shipped flat pack and some assembly is needed. We consciously made the decision to ship all Airy Lights flat pack as it reduces the shipping cost, minimizes shipping generated waste, and requires less storage area for stock. Besides these facts, we hope that you would enjoy assembling the light yourselves as making process brings us back to our childhood and gives us pleasure working with our hands.

5. How long does it take to assemble Airy Shade?

Assembly time depends on Airy Shade type and number of panels. All of our Airy Shades except Airy RI20 come with preassembled parts that significantly reduce the assembly time. Our smallest shade Airy RI20 consists of 20 panels and takes around 20 minutes to assemble. Our largest shade Airy Large consists of 90 panels and takes up to 2 hours to assemble.

Do not worry you do not need any particular skills or tools to assemble Airy Kit. Detailed instructions are supplied with every Airy Light Kit; all you need is a little time and a space to sit comfortably.

6. How to clean Airy Lighting Shades?

Airy is made from laminated rice paper. Lamination helps to protect rice paper layer inside. Always shut of the power first before cleaning Airy Shades. Airy Shade can be cleaned with air spray or gently wipe with moist cloth and air dry. To remove the shade from the electrical cord for maintenance, do not disassemble the shade. Slide the shade up, remove the light bulb, unscrew the screws of the lampshade holder and remove it. Gently slide the shade down over the porcelain lamp holder.

7. What light bulb do you recommend to use?

We recommend using energy efficient light bulb. There is a large variety of light bulbs on the market.

LED stands for light emitting diodes. A typical LED uses a fraction of the wattage required to power a bright incandescent bulb, and it makes LED more cost-effective over the long run. LED are also rated to last tens of thousands of hours meaning decades of use.

CFLs stands for compact fluorescent lights. Originally these bulbs entered the market with a very limited color variety and their white lights was considered harsh and cold. Currently there is a great variety of color options available including bulb rated at the low, yellow end of the Kelvin scale, as well as dimmable CFL lights became available too. These bulbs are cheaper but their life expectancy is much less superior to LED bulbs.

Halogens are just incandescent bulbs with a bit of halogen gas trapped inside with the filament. This gas helps "recycle" the burned-up tungsten gas back onto the filament, making for a slightly more efficient light. These bulbs are a most close replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs and the least efficient after incandescent bulbs.

8. How does color temperature changes the appearance of the Airy Shade?

Color temperature is a measure of the color that a light source produces, ranging from yellow to bluish white. Airy Lighting Shades are made with white laminated rice paper and the light bulb color directly affects the color of the shade.

9. Why do you supply ceramic lamp holder and not plastic?

Both ceramic and plastic lamp holders are safe to use if purchased from a trusted retailers. Always follow instruction for wattage and voltage information indicated on the lamp holder. It is very important that you do not exceed the max limit for wattage and voltage indicated on the product as it can be dangerous.

The main difference in ceramic vs. plastic lamp holder is their ability to withstand high temperatures. Generally ceramic lamp holders can withstand higher temperatures and age without much of changing appearance as color fading.

10. What wattage for light bulbs to use with Airy Shades?

Every Airy Shade has specific wattage instructions indicated in the product description and assembly manual. Light Bulbs Wattage indicates the power of the light bulb and how much heat it generates. All Airy Shades are safe to use, their shapes and cut patterns generate constant air circulation and reduces the chance of shade heating to a very low minimum. However always check that the light bulb never touches the shade directly.


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